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Using technologies that are up-to-date and practices used by professionals throughout the industry, my objective is to give listeners memorable experiences and high quality content. Head over to the Showreel page and enjoy content from some of my most recent work.


This Is Who I Am

As a diversified audio professional, I've had the pleasure and good fortune of working on content that is compelling and relevant to the standards of today.

With the real world experience I've accumulated over the last 10 years as a performer and recording artist, I've been able to network with talent across many spectrums of the industry. This chameleon type quality has proven to be an asset unintended, and unexpected. 

Being a graduate of the Ontario Institute of Audio Recording Technology, I've been able to cement a foundation for the technical and theoretical knowledge needed to thrive. My focus of expertise took an unexpected turn when I discovered the world of Visual Media. That discovery inspired me to direct all my studies to the development of those skills, majoring in its disciplines and growing as an audio professional.

What I've learned is that life takes us to places unfamiliar to us, but through those experiences we find growth and the opportunity to advance into a newer and truer version of ourselves. I believe this holds true to the art forms we echo.

Thank you for the visit and I invite you to explore the site.

Happy Recording!

Nuno M Costa 



London, ON, Canada




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